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Effectively Tackling Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Carbon Management

The goals are clear, and now is the time to act: There is still much to be done in order to achieve an efficient reduction in carbon emissions in Germany. However, if all of the relevant stakeholders in cities pull together then a great deal can already be achieved with the right measures.

Bringing Down Carbon Emissions as the Basis for a Sustainable Urban Transformation

Tallinn was recently voted the “European Green Capital”. Estonia’s capital has thus impressively demonstrated how far a city can go in bringing down its carbon emissions, given the necessary will and courage to act.

New Study Points to the Growing Complexity of Restructuring Projects

To what extent does economic uncertainty heighten the level of complexity associated with restructuring projects? And how can digitalization help companies to get through crises in better shape? A new study provides exciting answers to these questions.

Number of Regular Insolvency Proceedings on the Rise – High Level of Demand for Restructuring Expertise

1,245 companies filed for insolvency before German local courts in October 2022. This represents a 17.9 percent increase year-over-year. But what does this trend mean? And what are the implications for the restructuring market in the current year?

A New Assignment for Arno Haselhorst: Appointment to the GG Group’s Management Team

Dr. Arno Haselhorst has been appointed to the positions of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) at the GG Group (Gebauer & Griller). As an experienced restructuring expert, he will thus support this global corporate group’s existing management team led by Eva…