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Successful closing: AEQUITA Completes its Acquisition of the IFA Group

Successful Restructuring With a CRO


The successful implementation of restructuring projects requires extensive experience of handling critical situations as well as crisis management.

Our CROs have experience of operational leadership of companies as well as management of successful corporate restructuring and reorganization projects. They support companies’ management teams with their comprehensive know-how and actively assist with the preparation phase as well as overall implementation of the restructuring process.

Following an assessment of the causes of the crisis and after implementing the initial measures which are required in the short term, together with the company’s managers the CRO will develop an action plan for the rapid and successful realization of the overall project.

Five Theses on Successful
Restructuring With a CRO

"Where a restructuring process requires a great deal of attention on the part of the company’s management, a single pair of hands should assume responsibility for the project as well as systematic control." ​

  • What key added value does a CRO provide during critical phases? ​
  • Which specific qualities does this person require? ​
  • What is our consultants’ view of the role that a CRO plays? ​ ​

Here are five theses by way of answers to these questions: ​

  1. The CRO is a crisis manager and a leader
  2. A CRO establishes trust between all of the stakeholders
  3. The CRO interfaces between banks and stakeholders
  4. The CRO is an analyst and someone who gets things done
  5. The CRO – a team player

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Managing Partner
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Associate Partner
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Jürgen Germies

Managing Partner
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Case Study Profit Improvement

Planning and implementation of a profit improvement program
For internationally operating companies, optimizing the global footprint along the value chain is crucial, especially with the current weak development in Europe.


Gangschaltung im Auto


GG Group Makes Further Progress in its Process of Transformation

Having embarked upon a process of transformation led by Dr. Arno Haselhorst at the end of 2022, the GG Group has now reached key milestones on the path to the achievement of its strategic goals. Arno Haselhorst will therefore step down from his roles as the GG Group’s CEO, CFO and CRO on June 30.

Haselhorst Associates Is One of Germany’s Top Managing Consulting Firms

On behalf of the well-known business magazine brand eins, the online statistics platform Statista has once again produced a ranking of Germany’s best consultancies. We are featured in its list of top-rated firms.

Our CRO Services

Determining the Status Quo: Independent Business Review (IBR)

For the purpose of an objective assessment of a company’s business situation and financial position, an IBR enables a rapid and independent analysis of its business model as well as its structure and situation. It provides the necessary transparency and a solid basis for prudent decision-making. We will prepare an in-depth IBR for you – rapidly and discreetly.

Cost Reduction and Revenue Growth Programs

Effective cost reduction programs help to avoid a critical situation long before earnings and liquidity problems emerge. Precise knowledge of your business model as well as a detailed overview of your cost structure and processes are prerequisites in order to realize existing potential. On this basis, we will identify appropriate measures, define efficient work packages and assist you during their operational implementation, in order to achieve solid revenue growth.

Reorganization Report in Accordance with Audit Standard S6 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany

Haselhorst Associates will assist you with the preparation of a reorganization report, assess your company’s business potential and develop an effective action plan. Our reorganization reports are fully compliant with the requirements of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany’s audit standard S6, provide transparency and present ways out of a crisis. We will define a path in order to return your company to operational and financial stability. We will naturally also assist with the operational implementation phase.

Interim Management (CRO)

Companies frequently lack the necessary capacities and experience in order to manage a comprehensive restructuring project on their own. For this reason, we are ready to act as a chief restructuring officer (CRO) or interim manager where necessary. Once we have assessed the causes of the crisis and reached agreement on the appropriate measures, we will install a project management office which will handle the execution of the restructuring process as well as related management accounting. We will thus ensure a successful turnaround.

Transaction Services

Transactions require a great deal of attention and well-founded strategies based on reliable figures – from the operational due diligence via the leverage of potential synergies and the preparation of “day one” to the systematic post-merger integration phase. We will safeguard the success of your transaction by evaluating the plausibility of your business plan as well as appropriately realigning all of the relevant structures and processes. Our team will be pleased to support you throughout the implementation phase.


As an interim manager or chief restructuring officer, we work with our clients to develop strategically focused concepts to ensure an effective turnaround in case of reorganization and restructuring projects. Our consultant – where necessary, including his or her team – will assume internal responsibility for the overall project management strategy, agree the necessary measures with the company’s management and relevant stakeholders and draw up the strategy paper.