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Smart City Ranking 2023: Germany’s Cities are Implementing Their Own Smart City Concepts

Urban Transformation Stands For Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development


Cities Which Are Adaptable, Economically Efficient, Acting for the Common Good and Climate-Friendly.

Germany’s cities are undergoing a process of transformation. The ongoing progress of climate change and demographic trends pose growing challenges for municipal stakeholders.  A wide variety of factors means that the required process of urban transformation is highly complex. Besides the necessary know-how and the need to secure the requisite volume of funding, above all staying power is essential in order to overcome bureaucratic obstacles. In view of this, there is an urgent need to identify solutions so as to react flexibly to these new realities.

Increasing numbers of urban stakeholders are charting the right course. At the same time, many feel they are unable to cope with the decision-making process which is necessary in order to determine the right measures for a targeted urban transformation. An extensive update of our Smart City Ranking has provided us with far-reaching insights into the current status of cities’ development. We thus have a comprehensive and robust set of data which enables us to actively assist cities, utilities and businesses with their process of transformation – by means of a methodical and practical approach.

Together with you, we will develop holistic and strategic foundations which will enable you to successfully get to grips with your process of urban transformation. We will subsequently assist you during every step of the process and we are available to support you as an active and experienced partner.

We can assist you in the following areas:

Smart City Ranking 2023

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Five Theses on Smart City

"Triggered by climate change and its consequences, answers must be found to how cities can be made sustainable, safe and economically attractive in the future." ​

  • How can cities solve complex problems sustain?
  • What is the role of data in urban development?
  • How can one achieve successful change management in city administration?

We provide answers to these questions with five theses: ​

  1. A strategic approach is critical to effectively address complex urban challenges
  2. Sustainable and integrated urban development promotes the social, economic and environmental development of cities
  3. Data-based and solid decision making to create internal structures and continuity in implementation is necessary
  4. Inclusive and participatory communication and planning processes should focus on the needs of society
  5. Acceptance in politics and local administrative structures can be strengthened through successful change management

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Dr. Lucía Wright




Dr. Lucía Wright is a Director specializing in strategy and process consulting for sustainable, resource-efficient and inclusive city development. She joined Haselhorst Associates in 2019 and is the lead consultant for the annual smart city ranking of the 400 largest cities in Germany.