Haselhorst Associates Consulting: Smart City Ranking 2023

Comparison of Over 400 German Cities.

Germany’s Cities are Implementing Their Own Smart City Concepts


Germany’s cities have recognized the urgent need to improve their levels of sustainability and resilience. The overwhelming majority of municipal stakeholders are aware of the importance of reconciling ecology, social justice and economic efficiency – and are implementing suitable measures in order to bring about their urban transformation. At the same time, however, there are still shortfalls in their strategic approach. Cities must urgently exploit this potential if they are to provide their citizens with decent living conditions.

This is one finding of our current Smart City Ranking. This provides a wide-ranging overview of cities’ key areas of development. Our analysis is the most comprehensive of its kind in Germany. It ranks all cities with a population of 30,000 or more according to their Smart City status. We can thus see at a glance which stage your city is currently at.

Which strategy has your city adopted to cope with the various challenges? How is it making use of innovative technologies? We are familiar with your city’s status quo. Together with you, we can explore all of the key details needed for a roadmap tailored to your city. Working with you, we will identify the need for action and assist you as you implement the necessary steps.

If you are interested in learning more about how we compile our Smart City Ranking and the underlying methodology, you will find all of the relevant information in the following document:


Germany's ten smartest cities in 2023

Munich, Hamburg and Cologne have come out on top, while Heidelberg has made it into the top 10 for the first time.

Interested in learning more about our current ranking? During the launch of our 2023 Smart City Ranking, we will be regularly sharing the key findings with you via our LinkedIn profile.

Interactive Smart City Map

Enter the name of a German city in the search bar. Click on a circle to discover this city’s position within the overall ranking. The orange circles indicate the top 10 cities in Germany, while the gold circles represent all of the other German cities in our ranking.  The larger the circle, the higher a city’s status in the overall assessment.

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