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CRO mandate: AEQUITA to Become New Owner of the IFA Group

Successful Restructuring & Profit Improvement


We Can Assist You With Restructuring Projects, a Realignment of Your Company’s Business Model or a Corporate Reorganization.

Joint success requires a structured concept, solid project management, quantifiable measures and mutual trust. Our integrated consulting approach – which encompasses strategy as well as the implementation phase for the overall project – offers you measurable added value. Our teams will be pleased to handle the overall project management process – in close cooperation with your company’s managers. ​

Together with you, we will shape changes and get your company back on track for success. Where necessary, our consultants will take charge of things, e.g. as an interim manager or CRO.

Five Facts About
A Successful Digitalization Process


"Restructuring entails more than just cost reduction – a robust concept must cover all of the company’s economic factors."

  • What are the key requirements for your company’s sustainable realignment? ​
  • What are the crucial preconditions for a successful turnaround? ​
  • Which objectives must a sound project management process achieve? ​ ​

Here are five theses by way of answers to these questions: ​

  1. Concepts must be viable 
  2. A good project management strategy ensures transparency and success
  3. Trust is the basis for success
  4. The effects of measures must be quantifiable
  5. A CRO is the best possible means of strengthening a team working on a restructuring process

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Case study Restructuring

Case study Restructuring
Location and restructuring concept for an MDAX company’s equity investment.


Case study Energy Sector

Implementation of personnel measures
Companies in the energy sector have to reinvent their business models in order to successfully meet the challenges of the energy transition and digitalization.



Case study Automotive Supply Industry

Restructuring & strategic realignment
In the coming years, suppliers will have to respond to extensive structural changes and consolidate accordingly. The OEMs are setting the pace.


Modernes Auto


New Study Points to the Growing Complexity of Restructuring Projects

To what extent does economic uncertainty heighten the level of complexity associated with restructuring projects? And how can digitalization help companies to get through crises in better shape? A new study provides exciting answers to these questions.

Number of Regular Insolvency Proceedings on the Rise – High Level of Demand for Restructuring Expertise

1,245 companies filed for insolvency before German local courts in October 2022. This represents a 17.9 percent increase year-over-year. But what does this trend mean? And what are the implications for the restructuring market in the current year?

Preventing Insolvencies – Safeguarding Success in the Post-Covid Era

As things currently stand, the increase in the volume of insolvencies or the frequently discussed “wave of bankruptcies” looks merely to have been put on hold. Many companies should therefore take a very careful look at their situation and, where appropriate, implement measures to ensure their…

Corona Virus mit Balkengrafik

Our Restructuring Services

Determining the Status Quo: Independent Business Review (IBR)

For the purpose of an objective assessment of a company’s business situation and financial position, an IBR enables a rapid and independent analysis of its business model as well as its structure and situation. It provides the necessary transparency and a reliable basis for prudent decision-making. We will prepare an in-depth IBR for you – rapidly and discreetly.


Reorganization Report in Accordance with Audit Standard S6 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany

Haselhorst Associates will assist you with the preparation of a reorganization report, assess your company’s business potential and develop an effective action plan. Our reorganization reports are fully compliant with the requirements of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany’s audit standard S6, provide transparency and present ways out of a crisis. We will define a path in order to return your company to operational and financial stability. We will naturally also assist with the operational implementation phase.


Optimization of Purchasing

A well-organized purchasing department plays a key role in safeguarding a company’s competitiveness. This is particularly true in an age shaped by the internationalization of markets, where material costs account for a growing proportion of overall expenditure and where procurement markets are increasingly volatile. The process of digital transformation is also increasingly significant in this respect. We will assist you with the strategic realignment of your purchasing organization. We will identify the relevant levers and assist you with the operational implementation of your project.

Cost Reduction and Revenue Growth Programs

Effective cost reduction programs help to avoid a critical situation long before earnings and liquidity problems emerge. Precise knowledge of your business model as well as a detailed overview of your cost structure and processes are prerequisites in order to realize existing potential. On this basis, we will identify appropriate measures, define efficient work packages and assist you during their operational implementation, in order to achieve solid revenue growth.

Program Management and PMO

Any restructuring entails an extensive series of measures. Its economic relevance and the signals which these projects provide for a company’s organizational structure make high demands of its program and project management. With a professional project management office (PMO), we can take charge of the restructuring process. We will make use of a proven methodology, effective tools and the experience which we have gained through a large number of successful projects.

Interim Management (CRO)

Companies frequently lack the necessary capacities and experience in order to manage a comprehensive restructuring project on their own. For this reason, we are ready to act as a chief restructuring officer (CRO) or interim manager where necessary. Once we have assessed the causes of the crisis and reached agreement on the appropriate measures, we will install a project management office which will handle the execution of the restructuring process as well as related management accounting. We will thus ensure a successful turnaround.

Location Concepts

The restructuring of existing locations and the establishment of new locations both require management involvement. Proximity to a company’s markets and its customers – while ensuring cost-neutral and flexible capacity – are the key factors for the development or optimization of a location concept. We will assist you with the drafting of a strategic concept and with changes to existing locations as well as the systematic development of new locations for your company.

Transaction Services

Transactions require a great deal of attention and well-founded strategies based on reliable figures – from the operational due diligence via the leverage of potential synergies and the preparation of “day one” to the systematic post-merger integration phase. We will safeguard the success of your transaction by evaluating the plausibility of your business plan as well as appropriately realigning all of the relevant structures and processes. Our team will be pleased to support you throughout the implementation phase.


Strategic concepts are required for any realignment, reorganization or restructuring project and for the design of efficient organizational structures and workflows. We will assist you with the development and implementation of a tailored strategy, drawing upon the experience which we have acquired through various projects as well as our solid methodological competence in the field of project management – from the planning phase, focusing on customers, products and competitors, to management of the overall implementation process.