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New White Paper: The Temporary CDO – An Interim Consulting Approach

Digital Transformation Through Innovative Technologies


The process of digital transformation is changing business models and corporate processes through innovative technologies. Companies’ decision-makers need to react appropriately.

The effects of the process of technological change range from a strategic threat to business models via the emergence of innovative optimization models to the potential development of new business fields.

A company’s management team or its managing directors must implement consistent measures in order to successfully position their company in the changing market. At the same time, digitalization should be implemented alongside ongoing processes. The organizational structure must also undergo further changes in order for it to meet the new requirements.

​We will support you throughout your digital transformation process.

Five Facts About
A Successful Digitalization Process

"Ensure a continuous digital optimization process. Permanent digital readiness will enable you to successfully handle the transformation."

  • What does digitalization mean? ​
  • Why should you implement a process of digitalization?
  • What should a successful digitalization process achieve? ​ ​

Here are five theses by way of answers to these questions: ​

  1. Digitalization is more than IT and automation
  2. Digitalization is a prerequisite for competitiveness
  3. "Digital readiness" is a key success factor
  4. Digitalization must provide an economic benefit
  5. Holistic concepts deliver enhanced efficiency

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Dr. Jörg Schumacher




Dr. Jörg Schumacher has been a partner since 2011. He advises companies’ top-level management teams and has assisted a large number of customers as an interim manager for line functions. He has managed projects for DAX-listed corporations, including reorganizations in France, Portugal and Italy. J. Schumacher developed Haselhorst Associates’ Digitalization business segment and manages digitalization initiatives for clients with global operations.


Case study Digitalization

Enhancing Digital Readiness
Read our case study to find out which measures we used to implement the alignment of the entire organization with a continuous transformation process.


Computer mit Analysen

Case study Metals and Materials Segments

Digitalization throughout the value chain
Business areas such as metals and materials trading face challenges with digitalization, but can differentiate themselves from the competition in a very targeted way.


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Successfully Implementing Digitalization in the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Sector

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Our Digitalization Services

Determining the Status Quo: Digital Readiness Assessment

How well is your organization prepared for the digital transformation? By means of targeted expert interviews and a comparison with internal and external reference points, within a short period of time we will identify your organization’s level of maturity in relation to technologies, systems, data and structures, competences and resources as well as its culture. You will thus receive a clear picture of the status quo in terms of your current level of digitalization.


Digitalization Strategy and Fields of Action

A digitalization strategy combines intelligent products and services as well as marketing and sales with process optimizations and automation – subject to the consistent use of IT. By means of internal and external analyses, assessments of trends and the competitive environment as well as SWOT analyses, we will identify the key fields of action for your company’s digitalization. Haselhorst Associates will support you throughout the implementation of your strategy.

Digitalization Roadmap

The basis for a digitalization roadmap is a fully fledged strategy. As well as various projects and measures, this roadmap includes scheduling, cost-benefit planning (business case) as well as a definition of the project organization. We will support you throughout the planning phase and with the implementation of your digitalization project.

An Organizational Structure for Digitalization Teams

The digital transformation generally results in a need for action whose scope transcends that of a standard project. But what is the best way to integrate a digitalization team within an organization? In line with your organization’s level of maturity and the goals of your digitalization program, we will work with you in order to develop concepts which cover your organizational structures and workflows, team development as well as partner and supplier strategies.

Program Management and PMO

Digitalization strategies can yield innovative projects. Aspects such as the integration of agile methods (SCRUM, DesignThinking) and the involvement of IT suppliers make high demands of management teams. With an internal project management office (PMO), we will assume partial or full responsibility for the implementation of your chosen strategy. Within the scope of this process, Haselhorst Associates will draw upon a large number of templates and tools as well as its experience of successful projects.


Whether they are driven by restructuring concepts or by new technologies and the market – digitalization projects should focus on forward-looking technologies, for improved levels of efficiency, productivity and quality. Holistic and strategically oriented concepts must be developed for a company-wide transformation which systematically integrates every process in the value chain. We will work with you in order to develop a tailored strategy.