|  Haselhorst Associates Is One of Germany’s Top Managing Consulting Firms

Haselhorst Associates Is One of Germany’s Top Managing Consulting Firms


On behalf of the well-known business magazine brand eins, the online statistics platform Statista has once again produced a ranking of Germany’s best consultancies. We are featured in its list of top-rated firms.

Haselhorst Associates has been singled out as one of the country’s best management consultancies. brand eins and Statista have compiled their list of Germany’s best consultancies for the eleventh consecutive year. It includes Haselhorst Associates: We have been awarded a top ranking in the Restructuring segment. This year, a total of 298 consultancies and eleven networks of consultants have made it into brand eins’ top firms ranking.

It applies a two-fold methodology for its survey. On the one hand, it talks to the partners and principals of management consultancies directly. On the other, its assessment incorporates the views of these firms’ clients. brand eins spoke with over 1,600 people as part of its survey of experts and with more than 1,700 in its contact with consultancies’ clients. All survey results were collected online.


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