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Client: Automotive supplier

Sector: Automot. supply industry

Project duration: 15 months

Revenue: 1.8 bn CHF

Contact: Dr. Arno Haselhorst


Trends in the supply industry

After the boom in the automotive industry in 2011, a disillusionment followed in 2012. Especially in Europe, the euro crisis left its mark. In the first half of 2012 (at the time we were commissioned with the task), the number of new registrations in the EU27 countries fall sharply. In Italy, there was a decline of more than 20 percent and in Spain more than 10 percent. Suppliers must continually increase profitability through cost control and efficiency gains.

For international companies, optimizing global footprint along the entire value chain - from research and development to production and distribution - is crucial, especially in the context of the currently weak development in Europe. Our client had to face such a situation.

  • Identification and evaluation of optimization potential

  • Measures to improve profitability and liquidity

  • Development of a detailed cost reduction program

  • Increasing the efficiency of internal structures and processes

  • Adjustment of product and customer portfolio, pricing

  • Building a pragmatic project organization

  • Taking over project management for the profit and cash program

  • Derivation of recommendations for actions to increase profitability

  • Implementation of measure controlling

  • Quantification and tracking of result effects

  • Sustainable increase in corporate profitability

  • Creating the basis for long-term growth

  • Effective relief of project and top management

  • Transfer of established "best practice" approaches into the company

  • Transparency (costs, deadlines, etc.) through comprehensive project management