Livable cities

Adaptable, Economically Efficient, Acting for the Common Good and Ecologically Sustainable


Our cities are faced with the greatest challenge in their history: Since carbon emissions remain high and climate change is thus ongoing, municipalities are faced with the near-term prospect of no longer being able to offer livable environments for their citizens. At a global level, as much as three quarters of all carbon dioxide emissions alone are attributable to cities – which is hardly surprising given that most of the world’s population lives in urban areas. So what should be done in order to finally bring down these harmful emissions and thus make our cities more robust, crisis-resistant and livable?

Even small measures can already help to achieve a major impact. The Smart City concept can play a decisive role here, since this involves a holistic approach to transformation which leverages strategic thinking in order to make cities more resilient and more sustainable. This assumes that these cities are open to exploring innovative new solutions and forging ahead with sustainable projects.

To be sure, a Smart City transition does take some time. A wide variety of factors means that this transformation is extremely complex and challenging. Besides the necessary know-how and the need to secure the required volume of funding, above all staying power is essential in order to overcome bureaucratic obstacles. Without the acceptance of the population, it will be difficult to achieve Smart City status; it is therefore essential to implement appropriate measures in order to involve the general public early on.


How well is your city prepared for the digital transformation? Where does it currently stand from a technological point of view? Thanks to our annual Smart City Ranking, we have a detailed overview of the progress made in the process of digital transformation in around 400 of Germany’s largest municipalities. We can provide a precise description of your city’s status quo and equip you with all of the key details needed for a Smart City roadmap tailored to your city. Together with you, we will identify the need for action and help you to implement the measures which your city requires.

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