Digital Germany: Smart City Ranking 2022

Comparison of Over 400 German Cities and Municipalities

Smart City Study 2022: Germany’s Cities Are Missing Out On the Digitalization Trend


Germany’s cities are failing to live up to the role which is required of them in relation to the climate transformation issue! This is one finding of our current Smart City Study, which is the largest survey of its kind in Germany. We list every municipality with a population of more than 30,000 according to its level of digitalization; our current ranking covers some 407 cities.

Germany’s Ten Smartest Cities in 2022

Even Germany’s smartest cities have currently yet to surpass a digitalization level of 50 percent. If municipalities are finally to make greater progress in the field of sustainable urban development, they need to adopt a more energetic approach in pursuing and taking on board the Smart City concept.

Over the next few days, we will provide a detailed overview of the cities which have made the greatest progress over the past year – the so-called emerging cities. We will also present further information on the cities which have come out on top in the individual Smart City areas. Find out more each day via our LinkedIn profile:


Click on our interactive map in order to see how your city scores in this year’s Smart City Ranking. Any questions? Please use our contact form or simply send us an email: smartcity[at] We look forward to hearing from you!

Interactive Graphic – Opens in a New Window

Click on this graphic. Now zoom in on the map to find your city. Click on a circle to discover your city’s position within the overall ranking. The orange circles represent the top 10 cities in Germany. The golden circles represent all of the other cities included in our ranking. The larger the circle, the higher a city’s status in the overall assessment.

Our team of experts has examined more than 400 German cities and municipalities in terms of their Smart City progress. For the purpose of this ranking exercise, we have evaluated over 30,000 data records from these cities’ official statistics as well as qualitative analyses provided by public Smart City initiatives. All of these data were assigned to ten “Smart” areas on the basis of approx. 60 different criteria and weighted according to their significance: Strategy and Implementation (basis), Digital Infrastructure, Digital Mobility, Digital Energy & the Environment, Digital Buildings & Neighborhoods, Digital Health, Digital Education, Digital Administration, Digital Tourism and Digital Trade and Business. The level of digitalization was thus identified for each municipality featured in our survey and its potential for further improvement determined. The “ideal” smart city was assigned a digitalization level of 100 percent.


2022 Special Report: "Resource-Saving and Carbon-Neutral"

Some Insights Into the Top 10 Smart Cities and Which Cities Have Made the Greatest Progress in the Past Year, the So-Called Emerging Cities.

How can cities harness digitalization in order to bring down their carbon emissions? This question is addressed in this year’s special report, which we have compiled in close cooperation with the Technical University of Darmstadt. This report is entitled “Resource-Saving and Carbon-Neutral: The Digital Transformation of Our Cities in the Context of the Energy Crisis”. It takes a detailed look at the relationship between smart and sustainable urban development and demonstrates which measures cities and municipal utilities now need to adopt in the context of the energy crisis.


Our Smart City Services

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Our team can look back on many years of experience in the Smart City market: We successfully assist cities, municipal utilities and companies with their urban transformation projects. Whether it is the development of Smart City and Smart Region concepts, drafting applications for support funds or internal and external communication activities: You will find that we are a strong partner – together, we can bring the Smart City concept to life and jointly implement concrete projects.

The key requirements for a successful transformation from our point of view are a clear market entry strategy and a well-developed digital infrastructure. Depending on the use case, it may also be appropriate to consider individual location factors and to incorporate these in the overall concept. We thus offer interested cities and companies a broad range of Smart City services.

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