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 | Web Seminar: “A Cost-Effective Fiber-Optic Rollout?” – a Recap

Web Seminar: “A Cost-Effective Fiber-Optic Rollout?” – a Recap


A large audience and exciting discussions: Our web seminar “A Cost-Effective Fiber-Optic Rollout? It’s Doable. Successfully” on April 26, 2021 not only met with a very favorable response from the large number of participants.

Above all, the large number of questions asked illustrates the level of demand for comprehensive fiber-optic rollout expertise on the part of many municipal decision-makers. The seminar was hosted by the German Association of Local Public Utilities (Verband kommunaler Unternehmen – VKU, and we provided this seminar together with the experts at MRK Media AG and ropa GmbH & Co. KG.

This web seminar started off by providing the 80 participants with an overview of the stages in the value chain for the planning and development of fiber-optic networks. The audience was particularly interested in matters such as whether a specific value chain size and organizational structure is recommended – especially in relation to quantitative degression effects.

The seminar subsequently presented the so-called “Fiber-Optic Business Case Tool” – this is an application which enables municipal decision-makers to calculate the network rollout process intelligently and reliably. Here too, the seminar struck a nerve with the audience: It would appear that many public authority managers continue to have a considerable need for greater clarity in relation to investment costs especially. Moreover, the potential yield expectation and the amortization period likewise prompted questions from the audience which our industry experts comprehensively addressed. With immediate effect, interested persons can now access a recording of the entire web seminar free-of-charge: