Five Theses on Successful Restructuring With a CRO

1 The CRO: a crisis manager and a leader

In case of a lack of internal experience and know-how in the field of corporate reorganization or restructuring, it is a good idea to bring on board a CRO in order to ensure the project’s successful implementation. The CRO understands the business model and the critical factors which are required in order to get the company back on track by means of appropriate measures, as a partner of the company’s management team and other relevant actors. The CRO will ensure the consistent and structured implementation of the measures identified, and in this capacity he or she will have managerial responsibility for every aspect of the project.

Where necessary, an experienced project management team will assist the CRO with the identification and implementation of the necessary measures.

3 The CRO interfaces between banks and stakeholders

The CRO knows what is required as well as the rules when working with executive boards, auditors, tax consultants, banks and lawyers. As an executive officer of the company, the CRO interfaces with the relevant players and thus plays a key role in the management of the restructuring process.

As the CRO, we will reach the key decisions on the company’s reorganization in concert with its managers and work with them in order to implement the measures which are required for a successful turnaround.

4 The CRO is an analyst and someone who gets things done

The CRO analyses the causes of a crisis and develops appropriate reorganization measures together with the relevant business divisions. The CRO agrees the concept with the company’s management and coordinates its implementation.

He or she ensures that even major realignment projects proceed on schedule – from changes to personnel and organizational structures via the company’s comprehensive digitalization to the optimization of its purchasing, production, marketing and sales activities. The CRO also assumes responsibility for management accounting covering the effects of every measure and, where necessary, will act in order to get things back on track.

5 A team player

The CRO is frequently supported by a project management team, closely cooperates with all of the business divisions involved and continuously checks whether agreed objectives have been achieved.

Together with the company’s managers, the CRO will develop appropriate measures and ensure that the planning is systematically implemented.

Responsibility and control should be in one hand, …


... when restructuring requires a high level of management attention.

After a comprehensive analysis of the market and existing potentials of the company, our CROs usually take care of its strategic realignment - from the design of a market-driven portfolio of products and a restructuring of purchasing, marketing and sales to a comprehensive digitalization of all processes and the adaptation of the organization to the appropriate staffing of the management. Our focus is always on a successful turnaround.