Smart city: growth concept for municipalities and public utilities

Client:Public utility company


Company size:EUR 78 million

Project duration:30 months

Contact:Jürgen Germies

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Digital transformation is no longer confined to industrial companies or the manufacturing sector, but is also changing our cities today. Cities are becoming increasingly competitive. Positioning as a Smart City enables municipalities to stand out from the competition and ensures long-term attractiveness of a city or a region for citizens and businesses through intelligent networking. The development of a holistic Smart City Strategy is thus a sensible and necessary step on the way to (intelligent) future for municipalities.

Digital transformation also creates great opportunities for local utilities. Through of Smart City projects, municipal utilities can position themselves as a central provider in the field of "digital services of general interest" and secure new business areas of a "Digital City" for their future business model.

Many municipalities and public utility companies have recognized these opportunities and invest in individual "digital" projects. Often these are separate from each other. Only rarely are these projects integrated into a higher-level strategy.


  • Preparation of a strategic digitalization roadmap

  • Development of a holistic project vision

  • Ensuring political support in the municipality

  • Development of concrete projects and business models

  • Support with the implementation of projects


  • Identification and integration of all relevant areas of the city’s life

  • Drafting of a universally shared vision
  • Joint development and assessment of concrete projects

  • Proposal and selection of suitable implementation partners

  • Setup of project management, interim project supervision for part of the project


  • Holistic smart city concept

  • Digitalization roadmap comprising assessed and prioritized projects

  • High public profile, supported by city council

  • Strategic partnerships, incl. with international technology group

  • Won the 2017 “Municipal Utility of the Future” award granted by the German Association of Local Public Utilities (Verband kommunaler Unternehmen – VKU)