Fiber optics: the technology of the future

Proliferation and availability of Internet-enabled devices is rapidly driving the popularity of digital and connected services. Parallel to that, the demand for high bandwidths is increasing so exponentially that in future it can only be covered by fiber-optic networks. Despite a clear need for action, the availability of fiber-optic connections in Germany is still very poor in comparison with international levels.

Attractive and future-proof market of fiber optics is currently being identified by more and more players as a profitable investment in the future. However, high cost of necessary civil engineering currently represent a significant barrier to market entry. Nationwide expansion of own fiber-optic network offers municipal actors, such as municipal utilities, the opportunity to strengthen their own strategic positioning and to generate high economic earnings potential.



  • Development of an individual strategy for fiber-optic rollout
  • Specification of the network infrastructure and topology and assessment of potential business models​

  • Presentation of risks and opportunities

  • Development of a financing model


  • Identification of consumers and GIS-based clustering of urban area​
  • Workshops covering decision-making for network infrastructure and topology and level of vertical integration

  • Identification of funding opportunities and innovative financing models

  • Modeling and evaluation of various scenarios in a single business plan and formulation of recommendations


  • Overview of technical and strategic opportunities in the fiber-optic business segment​
  • Recommendation for optimal approach and clustering strategy for rollout​

  • Support with decision-making process in relation to the type and scope of the fiber-optic rollout

  • Detailed decision-making paper including evaluation of impact