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 |  Second Virtual Workshop with Technical University of Munich Students

Second Virtual Workshop with Technical University of Munich Students


Within the scope of our partnerships with universities, fon January 21 Haselhorst Associates held its second virtual workshop for students at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Students studying economics, engineering, business information management and similar degree programs were once again invited to take part in our “Mobility Virtual Case Study.” This second case study had been designed to supplement the first workshop, and some of the students taking part had thus already participated the first time around.

This workshop once again focused on the challenges for the automotive supply industry as a result of electrification and the more stringent CO2 emissions standards. Particularly at the moment, these are in some cases creating significant difficulties for small and medium-sized automotive suppliers. The tasks which these companies need to get to grips with represent fresh challenges even for management consulting firms. This virtual workshop provided participants with an introduction to this broad and interesting field.

Together with the firm’s consultants, the students developed and analyzed a strategy enabling a supplier to successfully cope with the crisis. They became acquainted with various methods for these companies’ professional planning and implementation of a restructuring or realignment process.

During the final part of the workshop, a lengthy round of questions covered any outstanding issues raised by the project as well as opportunities for students to begin their careers at our management consulting firm.

The students received certification of their participation in the workshop. The feedback was positive and particularly singled out the exciting range of issues and the in-depth preparation. Nonetheless, the participants all agreed that a virtual workshop is no substitute for meeting up face-to-face. This will hopefully soon once again be possible at Haselhorst Associates’ offices, and we look forward to continuing our series of workshops.