| Successfully Implementing Digitalization in the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Sector

Successfully Implementing Digitalization in the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Sector


While digitalization is now a ubiquitous buzzword, in many cases it continues to loom over small and medium-sized enterprises especially, rather like a sword of Damocles. This is scarcely surprising, since the underlying process should not in any way be underestimated. “If digitalization is to realize its full potential, every department within a firm must be fully transformed: from production via sales to logistics,” says our partner Dr. Jörg Schumacher in an interview with the portal Springer Professional.

This process of transformation thus requires comprehensive measures, and a clearly defined approach in particular is essential. The first step is to discuss a company’s status quo and the options for its digital transformation. A digitalization strategy can then be developed on this basis. The roadmap will establish linkages between every area of activity as clearly as possibly, from marketing via sales to process optimizations. What is more, it is essential to integrate time and cost planning as well as the benefits.


The Temporary CDO – An Interim Consulting Approach

Commitment on the part of the company’s management is essential if this transformation process is ultimately to succeed: “It is up to the management to win over the entire workforce, so that everyone pulls together,” says Jörg Schumacher. Measures such as workshops as well as initial and advanced training may help with this.

Moreover, if an enterprise wishes to ensure that its production operations remain fully intact during the process of change, the use of a temporary CDO may represent a useful alternative to a transformation process which it executes itself. Particularly when combined with an experienced team which is ready to get to work straight away, this approach will not only enable the company to conserve its resources and employees. It will also be able to develop its internal structures at the same time.