Set your new course together with us

Carve-out or post-merger integration is always a major challenge for all responsible parties. As a rule, they are managed under great time pressure and parallel to ongoing business. Haselhorst Associates supports the management in detailed preparation of transactions and concept development. We also accompany the responsible persons during implementation of the entire project. Together with us, you can fully exploit the potential value of a transaction.


Operational due diligence

We review the risks and potentials in all relevant areas of the company and validate the assumptions made in the business plan. This "operational" plausibility check of structures and processes enables us to identify opportunities and risks for future corporate development and provides all important information for evaluating transaction potential.

"Day-one readiness"

Haselhorst Associates avoids surprises through structured day-one-preparation and detailed planning of the transition. For example, we analyze all relevant areas of the company: operational (e.g. production, logistics, services) and administrative (e.g. IT, finance, purchasing, marketing, human resources). In this way, we ensure that business continuity is maintained during the transaction and that it proceeds exactly according to plan.

Achieving synergies

When assessing potential synergies, we consider variables such as sales, costs, taxes, balance sheet items or "operational capabilities". We also take care to avoid potential losses of important customers or additional regulatory costs. In order to achieve synergies, we work with you to draw up detailed plans with clear responsibilities and a performance review. We would be pleased to accompany you during the entire implementation.

Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

Successful PMIs have two things in common: they are well prepared and are implemented in a structured way. In this way, companies achieve the added value expected from a transaction. As a "PMI-Team" we support you with a proven methodology in developing the integration strategy and the detailed integration plan including all work packages. Together with you, we also create the communication and change concepts.