Competitive companies

Digital Pioneers with a Strong Capacity for Innovation


Innovative companies have a key role to play in the Smart City context: Together with cities and municipal utilities, it is down to them to implement ideas for sustainable urban development. However, in order for companies in the municipal sphere to deliver genuine added value for smart urban development, they require a clear strategy covering the introduction of their range of products and services and the broadening of its scope.

While some firms have already successfully established themselves on the Smart City market, others are still struggling to identify the right niche for them. Comprehensive groundwork is essential for the targeted use of their services in a Smart City context. This includes the establishment of a clear overview of the market, right from the start. Only if a company is familiar with cities’ and municipal utilities’ precise requirements will it be able to establish itself as an important implementation partner.

At Haselhorst Associates, we offer companies comprehensive strategic consulting. With the help of our Smart City Ranking, we will identify the key market requirements and entry barriers, define your target market and target customers and discuss products and Smart City value propositions. You will receive an operating concept and an implementation plan for your gradual entry into the digital public services market. We will support you throughout the process, up to its successful completion.


We can provide the following services for you:

Digital readiness check

Our digital readiness check enables a precise analysis of your company’s level of digital maturity.


How well is your organization prepared for the digital transformation? By means of our digital readiness check, within a short period of time we will identify your organization’s level of maturity in relation to technologies, systems, data and structures, competences and resources as well as its culture. You will thus receive a clear picture of your digital status quo.