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Web Seminar: „A Cost-Effective Fiber-Optic Rollout? – a Recap“

Smart City Stands For Modern Urban Development


The process of digitalization is now shaping virtually every area of life – for cities, municipal utilities and the business sector especially, this transformation offers considerable potential for greater efficiency in living and work environments as well as production processes. What is more, by positioning themselves as smart cities, municipalities can distinguish themselves from their competitors and actively promote themselves as locations.

Smart urban development offers digital solutions to the future challenges and questions which our global society faces. Our annual smart city ranking “Digital Germany” which covers Germany’s 400 largest cities provides an overview of these cities’ key areas of development.

In addition, our practical experience in assisting municipal utilities with the fiber-optic rollout process continuously demonstrates the importance of a well-developed infrastructure for digital public services.

Through our Smart City portal, we are now providing cities and municipal interest groups with the opportunity for a wide-ranging discussion of these challenges and issues and thus to jointly develop successful Smart City strategies. We are advising and bringing together municipalities, municipal utilities and companies in the process of urban transformation.

We are advising and bringing together municipalities, municipal utilities and companies in the process of urban transformation.

Digital Germany: Smart City Ranking 2021

How digital is your city?

Five Facts About the Smart City Concept

"The continuous process of transformation into smart cities entails designing what are set to become the most attractive locations of the future." ​

  • What is our consultants’ view of Smart City? ​
  • What does it mean for digital public services? ​
  • What role should municipal utilities play? ​ ​

Here are five theses by way of answers to these questions: ​

  1. Municipalities have an obligation to provide digital public services
  2. Smart City stands for modern urban development
  3. Smart cities require the participation of every stakeholder
  4. Germany has ground to make up in the Smart City field
  5. Municipal utilities are also providers of digital public services

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Jürgen Germies has been a partner since 2013. He has a wide range of expertise in the fields of industry and financing and assists companies with strategic development, restructuring and change processes. Together with municipal utilities and municipalities, he develops strategic concepts for the design of smart cities as well as long-term digital public services.

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Key to growth and attractiveness

Digitalization is not only changing industrial groups or the manufacturing sector, but it is also generating major competition in urban planning.


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Case study fibre optic

Fiber optic: the technology of the future
The attractive and future-proof fiber optic market is currently being identified by more and more municipal players as a profitable investment in the future.




Web Seminar: “A Cost-Effective Fiber-Optic Rollout?” – a Recap

A large audience and exciting discussions: Our web seminar “A Cost-Effective Fiber-Optic Rollout? It’s Doable. Successfully” on April 26, 2021 not only met with a very favorable response from the large number of participants.

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