Set your new course together with us

The digital transformation brings great opportunities for cities, regional public utilities and companies. By playing an active role in the Smart City development process, public utilities are optimally positioned strategically as suppliers within the framework of "digital services of general interest". The development of Smart City in areas such as Smart Mobility, Smart Health or Digital Infrastructure offers companies numerous new and attractive business models. We accompany you during market analysis and in your market entry strategy.


Determination of the status quo: Digital Readiness Assessment

How well is your city prepared for digital transformation? Where is it technologically today? Thanks to our intensive study of 400 municipalities, we have a clear picture of the development of digital transformation in Germany. We can accurately describe the status quo of your city and provide you with all important details for a functional specification and a roadmap for further digitisation of the location. We accompany you in the development of a Smart City - from vision to roadmap, to project management for the implementation of your concepts.

Development of a "Smart City" project vision

Digitization in the municipal environment is characterized by individual projects such as initiatives supporting the use of electric vehicles including e-charging stations, digital citizen services or car sharing. These steps are rarely taken within the framework of a holistic strategy. An overarching project vision is therefore the first important step. In workshops, we work together with those responsible in all key areas of life as well as stakeholders and interest groups in the city to develop the vision of the future Smart City.

Development of concrete Smart City projects (Roadmap)

A successful "Smart City" project must be supported jointly by all relevant city stakeholders on the basis of the project vision developed. With our experience, competence and proven methodology, we organise the necessary workshops together with you. All participants work out smart city projects relevant to their city and develop a binding roadmap.

Development of an implementation organization

The implementation of a Smart City concept presents those responsible for it with great challenges, in addition to day-to-day business. A proven solution is to set up an implementation organization. Haselhorst Associates has advised numerous municipal and private-sector organizations on the establishment of appropriate teams at strategic and operational levels. We also accompany our clients as interim managers during the operative implementation.

Identification of relevant partners

In developing a Smart City, municipalities must work in partnership with industrial and technology companies. Identification of the right partners providing solutions for the respective Smart City projects is essential for success. Haselhorst Associates has many years of experience in identifying, evaluating and selecting partners for successful projects. We have a valuable network and know the major players in the smart city market.

Market entry strategy Smart City for companies

Haselhorst Associates provides comprehensive strategy consulting for municipal energy suppliers and companies. Together with you, we determine the essential market requirements and entry barriers, define the target market and target customers as well as products and "smart city value offers". You will receive an operational concept and an implementation plan for gradual entry into the market of digital services of general interest or the "Smart City". We accompany you through the entire implementation process until success is achieved.