Set your new course together with us


Haselhorst Associates has been advising companies of various sizes from various industries for 15 years. The consultants accompanied DAX companies as well as numerous medium-sized companies in comprehensive strategic changes. Together with our customers, we increase company performance and open up new sources of growth.

> Strategy

In order to develop a successful corporate strategy, vision and pronounced methodological competence are required. Orientation towards strategic values such as market position, organization, innovativeness or productivity are decisive for sustainable increase in value.

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> Transaction Support

For a successful transaction, a well-functioning company must be created in a very short time. During the preparation, we describe in detail the business model, structures, processes and legal requirements. This is how you successfully implement the change.

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> Restructuring & Profit Improvement

Markets are constantly changing, companies are changing with them. Structures have to be changed, processes have to be adapted and company parts have to be realigned. Know-how, methodology and conceptual skills are essential for the development of a concept. Equally important is the implementation competence.

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> Digitalization

Digital transformation presents new challenges for companies. The options range from customer or supplier portals via mobile applications to intelligent networking of machines. Successful companies are digitizing their business model.

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> Smart City

Digitization is changing cities. Through intelligent networking and "digital services of general interest", cities and municipalities, positioned as Smart Cities, secure their attractiveness for citizens and the economy. Companies benefit from new business models.

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> Business models - Fibre optics

The supply of fiber optic connections in Germany is still underdeveloped. The market is considered attractive by investors. Providers of fiber optic connections and municipal utilities can generate high revenues with new business models.

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