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A “Tagesspiegel Background” Perspective: How Important Are Data Platforms For Municipal Utilities?

In view of the climate transformation issue, municipal utilities’ traditional energy business will no longer be viable on a long-term basis – our Managing Partner Jürgen Germies is sure of this. There is thus an urgent need for new business models and a clear strategy in order to achieve a…


Successfully Implementing Digitalization in the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Sector

While digitalization is now a ubiquitous buzzword, in many cases it continues to loom over small and medium-sized enterprises especially, rather like a sword of Damocles. This is scarcely surprising, since the underlying process should not in any way be underestimated. “If digitalization is to…

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White Paper: The Temporary CDO – An Interim Consulting Approach

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many German companies to realize, with a greater or lesser degree of pain, what experts had already grasped: In order to safeguard their competitiveness, it is essential for firms to digitalize their internal structures and their business models.

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Trends in the Energy Sector 2021

The challenges which the energy sector faces include the extensive processes of digitalization driven by the energy transition. However, the pandemic will accelerate the pace of the transformation in this industry too. Moreover, several trends can be expected to materialize in 2021 which will play a…

Using Big Data Methods to Bring Down Costs

The use of big data technologies enables considerable cost savings throughout companies’ value chains – from the integration of suppliers via real-time checking of inventory levels and reduced wastage to a seamless distribution process.