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[Translate to English:] Pop-up Racweg Berlin

Smart City Study in Germany’s Public Utility Sector Newspaper “Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft”: “In a State of Hibernation”

"Smart City is THE key to ensuring the long-term livability of our cities” – our Managing Partner Jürgen Germies is sure of that. In an interview with Germany’s public utility sector newspaper “Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft,” he explains what is now needed for the intelligent transformation of…

[Translate to English:] Deutschlandkarte mit ausgewählten Staedten

Smart City Study 2022: Germany’s Cities Are Missing Out On the Digitalization Trend

Germany’s cities are failing to live up to the role which is required of them in relation to the climate transformation issue! This is one finding of our current Smart City Study, which is the largest survey of its kind in Germany. We list every municipality with a population of more than 30,000…

[Translate to English:] Serverschrank

A “Tagesspiegel Background” Perspective: How Important Are Data Platforms For Municipal Utilities?

In view of the climate transformation issue, municipal utilities’ traditional energy business will no longer be viable on a long-term basis – our Managing Partner Jürgen Germies is sure of this. There is thus an urgent need for new business models and a clear strategy in order to achieve a…

[Translate to English:] Smart City: »Norderstedt GO!«

“Norderstedt GO!” Smart City Campaign: The First Few Projects Have Been Fleshed Out and Are Now Set to be Implemented

The strategy has now been agreed and the first few project ideas defined: Everything is now set for Norderstedt’s Smart City vision to come to life.

[Translate to English:] Smart-City-Offensive “Norderstedt GO!”

“Norderstedt GO!” Smart City Campaign Reaches Its Next Milestone

The city of Norderstedt has reached an important milestone in its “Norderstedt GO!” Smart City campaign: The team managing this project has presented the results of many months of cooperation at a digital information event, together with the city’s “future ambassadors”.