| sauer product Supplies Safety Goggles for Public Bodies Throughout Germany

sauer product Supplies Safety Goggles for Public Bodies Throughout Germany


Rapid assistance in difficult times: The Hesse-based medium-sized enterprise sauer product has responded to political leaders’ request for support and, in view of the heightened demand for protective materials during the coronavirus crisis, began producing safety goggles within a very short period of time. This family firm from Dieburg, to the south of Frankfurt, has specialized in the independent development and manufacture of plastic parts and components for over 20 years. Its customers normally include the premium brands in the automotive sector as well as customers in the field of medicine and other areas of industry.

In the context of the pandemic, sauer product has now achieved what many other companies are struggling with: It has adjusted to the tough conditions on the market and has flexibly responded to the effects of the crisis. It is now supplying its “Wesion20” safety goggles to major public bodies and aid organizations throughout Germany.

An Integrated Production Process

Martin Sauer, the managing director of sauer product, is proud of his company’s speedy development of these goggles: “Once the current scarcity of suitable protective materials in Germany became clear, we responded immediately and switched over our development and production capacities. We have a modular development system,” says Martin Sauer. His company has already used this system in the past in order to develop a series of promising products.

Its polycarbonate goggles are one such product. “We were able to industrialize this product within the space of a few weeks,” remarks Sauer. In other words, his company was able to produce thousands of pairs of goggles. This Dieburg company, whose medical division trades as sauer med, is now selling them like hot cakes.


Regional Supply Chains


As well as its production autonomy, sauer product also strongly emphasizes the importance of remaining independent in terms of the supply of raw materials and its delivery logistics system. This medium-sized enterprise has strong relationships with regional suppliers and has developed a close network of small local companies over a period of many years.

“Every step in our supply chain involves German business partners,” says Martin Sauer. This means that this family company not only avoids long delays in the supply and delivery of products. It is precisely this divergence from the usual model of internationalized supply chains which is currently proving particularly helpful. Above all, sauer product is thus entirely independent of global supply bottlenecks during the coronavirus crisis.

Development of Non-Automotive Business Segment

Last year this company already initiated the expansion of its non-automotive business segment. It identified medical technology as a particularly important area to focus on.

In the view of Johann Georg von Hülsen, who is a joint managing director at sauer product and a partner at the management consulting firm Haselhorst Associates, the pandemic has once again confirmed the wisdom of this step: “Thanks to the early and strategically important decision to expand our sauer med business segment especially, alongside our automotive division, we have been able to react highly flexibly in the current situation and to dynamically adjust our production operations.”