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 |  Practical Project with Munich Business School is Progressing Well

Practical Project with Munich Business School is Progressing Well


A practical project with Munich Business School (MBS) has been underway since September, as part of our partnerships with universities. In the period to mid-April 2021, the “Master International Business” course at MBS will develop business management expertise on the basis of practical tasks drawn from a Haselhorst Associates project. This partnership with the business sector and the work on the related concept are going very well.

Together with our consultants and an industry partner – a German tier-1 automotive supplier – the students have developed strategies for the reduction of CO2 emissions. Six subprojects have taken shape and are exploring how to plan for the implementation of various measures. The approaches range from optimization of building insulation at production plants via greening roofs and saving electricity to the use of a fleet of electric cars.

In late April, the students will present a final report and the findings of their “real life case study” to a committee and will be graded for their project work. This committee consists of MBS professors and lecturers, employees of the automotive manufacturer and Dr. Arno Haselhorst.